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The Best Okanagan Spring Break, Ever

Spring break is finally here in the Okanagan! It’s been a long winter, and you and the kids were so ready for the holiday. Last wee... read more

Okanagan from on High: Countdown to the New Year

WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEAR’S EVE? It only lasts for one tick-tock of the clock, but that moment that one year turns into anoth... read more

Helicopters Don’t Hibernate in Winter

Escape Heli-scape Winter, Up in the Sky Ski season has started, your snow tires are on, and the kids are desperately ho... read more

Find Okanagan Fall Colours from the Sky

Fall is nature’s most glorious season! Have you seen it, yet? You may notice that strip of maples turning gold along you... read more

Valhalla Helicopters On The Roads? Our New Events Trailer

It’s not often we move around the Okanagan on wheels! Valhalla Helicopters has a new mode of transport. Be on the lookout for our... read more

Kelowna Insta-spots by air

Take Your Instagram and Snapchat Game to a Higher Level Valhalla Helicopters has the great fortune to be able to get our clients to som... read more

Okanagan Wedding Photos By Helicopter

When you look back through your wedding album, what will you see? Lots of forced smiles? So many family members squeezed into the frame... read more

The Father’s Day Gift That He Really Wants

It’s almost Father’s Day, Kelowna! (This one will be special for the Valhalla team, as we welcome our newest little team member!)... read more

The Most Unique Okanagan Wine Tour

IT’S WINE TASTING SEASON HERE IN THE OKANAGAN! So many magnificent wineries to explore, so little time to drive to each of them...... read more

Heli-Weddings: Romance in the Air

Wedding season will be here before you know it --plan something extraordinary for your big day! Valhalla Helicopters offers some of t... read more