Heli Wine Tours

This is a one of a kind experience that combines a scenic helicopter tour around the Okanagan with stops at your choice of several participating wineries to enjoy the beverage that has made the valley so well-known. Touring the Okanagan wineries is so much more fun when you arrive in style!


Full Day

Our full-day helicopter wine tour is the ultimate way to go wine tasting. Choose any four of the following wineries and discover why the Okanagan is one of the world’s best wine regions.

$2800 /Helicopter plus GST, Gratuity not included

Price is for up to 4 people.


Half Day

Choose any two of the following wineries and embark on an Okanagan wine tour like no other. Now this is arriving in style!

$1545 /Helicopter plus GST, Gratuity not included

Price is for up to 4 people.

FAQS: heli-wine-tours

  • Can we eat at any of the wineries? Some wineries have picnic areas and some have restaurants. Give us a call when you book your tour and we can recommend lunch options based on your winery preferences.
  • Will flying hurt the quality of my wine? No. The short amount of time and low altitude of the flight won’t cause any harm to your wine.
  • How will I get my wine home? We can store any purchased wine in a box in the helicopter for you to take with you at the end of the tour. The winery can arrange shipment of larger quantities of wine.
  • Are wine tasting fees included? Wine tasting fees are generally paid at each winery. Most wineries waive the tasting fee with purchase of a bottle of wine.
  • Can I choose which wineries to visit? We have a list of Okanagan wineries you can choose from, limited by geographical proximity and landing area availability. Our list of wineries is on our website.