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Australia Helicopter Services Valhalla Helicopters Pty Ltd. is an Australian registered company providing aircraft services for aerial fire-fighting. Valhalla has been conducting business within Australia since 2010.

Valhalla’s team of professional managers, led by Blair Savege, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Pilot and Manager of Training and Checking, have provided exemplary aircraft services drawing on over 25 years of combined experience in most every application of helicopter service resulting in a broad array of benefits for our clients. Our Operations Manager, Joanna Murphy, uses her local knowledge coupled with her pilot experience to ensure seamless service to our clientele. Consisting of a mixture of Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians, Valhalla’s crew offers an eclectic range of experience to our customers.

Valhalla Helicopters Pty Ltd’s primary hangar and maintenance facility is based at the Illawarra Regional Airport in Eastern to Southern New South Wales 1.5 hrs south of Sydney.


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