Forest Fire Suppression


Fire suppression and helicopters have become synonymous in public opinion when it comes to wildfires.

Valhalla Helicopters has earned an exemplary reputation for the quality of its wild-land and interface firefighting and first response actions. Our team of pilots and engineers is among the most experienced and skilled in North America. Valhalla Helicopters’ personnel have up to and over 20 years combined experience supporting ground forces in fire suppression and are willing, ready and able to meet aerial firefighting requirements at any time.

Our SEI water buckets are state-of-the-art, shallow-water Aqualaunch/Powerfill foam equipped. Valhalla Helicopters’ newest innovation of retardant delivery system can be used for a variety of fire applications, and allows us to deliver short-term gel retardant without requiring traditional mix-tank support. This system enables us to deliver gel retardant on-site immediately, instead of limiting Valhalla Helicopters to the usual water-only immediate delivery. The gel retardant is mixed inside the bucket after water has been scooped from any available water source. This system provides an efficient and environmentally-friendly method of mixing and applying gel retardant.

Aerial firefighting has become an indispensible tool for protecting lives, infrastructure and natural resources. Valhalla Helicopters has played a major role in many high profile fires, supporting all agencies across Canada. With our International Non Scheduled Transportation license, Valhalla Helicopters is qualified and prepared to be called in to combat fires across North America, and internationally.

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