Helicopter Lifting Services


Valhalla Helicopters operates a diverse fleet consisting of Bell 212HP/BLR 205++BLR and 306B BLR helicopters allowing us to lift and transport a wide range of equipment for customer projects.

Our aircraft combined with the experience and knowledge of our skilled pilots and engineers will provide our customers with the precision heli-lifting services required.

Experienced Heli-lifting

Valhalla Helicopters has erected transmission lines of various structure types including steel lattice, wooden and steel H-Frames and steel and wood poles. Valhalla has supported construction and installation of ski lift structures throughout Canada. Other load types that we have experience lifting with our Bell helicopters include HVAC units, concrete, aggregate, building supplies, earth-moving equipment, water towers, cars, trucks, boats, wire, bridging, seismic drills, diamond drills and communication towers. Valhalla Helicopters has rigging and equipment capable to complete specialized lifts as required.

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