Yoga Takes Flight in the Okanagan

The team at Valhalla Helicopters is constantly reaching further.

This summer, we’re increasing our flexibility with our new Elevate Heli-Yoga tours.

Hoping to find a higher serenity? Join us for this incredible one-of-a-kind trip. Valhalla has paired with talented local instructors trained in several types of yoga. You can choose a session in a singular method, or a general program that incorporates a variety of yogic techniques.

Our heli-yoga practices include:


Quiet and slow, restorative yoga utilizes long-held poses and supportive bolsters (like pillows and straps). Subtle Iyengar-influenced movements are employed in this style of yoga, and most practitioners find it relaxing and rejuvenating.


Based on the receptiveness element of the Chinese principle of Yin/Yang, this style of yoga has very little external stimulation. A passive approach to meditation, Yin yoga asanas do not require any strength resistance. Achieve full relaxation and restfulness as you stretch, lengthen, and find your inner peace. Each of these yoga practices is perfectly suited to our majestic Okanagan mountaintops! Tranquility, clean air, and unparalleled views over the valley and lakes –few things can inspire such humility and calm.

Vinyasa Flow

Based on the philosophy of linking breath and continuous movement, Vinyasa is one of the most popular types of yoga. Practiced in sequence, Vinyasa moves fluidly from pose to pose. It is a beautiful, dance-like meditation that focuses on connecting breathing and movement.


This is a thoughtful practice of yoga that is aimed at calming both the body and the mind in preparation for meditation. Spiritual balance is at the core of Hatha. Postures (asanas) are held for extended periods of time, and movement between them is gentle and contemplative.

The benefits of heli-yoga stretch far beyond warm muscles and peace of mind.

Gain Strength – yoga’s dynamic, full-body workout helps develop long, lean muscles Gain Flexibility – repetitive movements in yoga, such as bending, reaching, and deep squatting postures extend the body’s adaptability Balanced Cortisol – purposeful movement and deep breathing help to adjust the body’s cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands that affects a number of body functions.
  • Stress levels – When your cortisol levels are in balance, your brain can cope better with stresses, which means you can breathe easy.
  • Lower Blood Pressure – Also a result of your body’s fight-or-flight stress response, cortisol influences your body’s blood pressure. Too much of the hormone (high stress) can lead to high blood pressure; too little can mean low pressure, dizziness, and exhaustion.
  • Improve Digestion – Yep, cortisol even affects your gut. Meditation and exercise can help bring balance to every part of your body.
Sleep Better – This one seems obvious! But it’s not just the relaxing movements, warm muscles, and lower stress levels that are at play, here. Deliberate breathing can lead to increased lung function, which has numerous benefits, among them, very sound sleep. And your body restores itself while you slumber, so, really, this is a win-win!
Connect – When your body and mind are in tune, you will find that your emotional awareness (of yourself and others) is more accurate. It’s a great way to elevate your mood. Concentrate – Yoga trains us to focus. It’s an excellent way of unplugging from the stimuli that surround us, and develop our brain’s “staying power”.

Valhalla wants to help you reach (and stretch to) new heights!

Our heli-yoga sessions are customized to your group’s preferences and strengths, and are appropriate to any experience level. Exhilarating flights. Relaxing downward dogs. Plenty of oms and shantis. Discover a true sense of freedom and perspective, as you breathe, move, and meditate out here in the mountain air. After your session, enjoy a celebratory alpine picnic. We’ll bring up a delectable spread of award-winning local wines, artisanal meats and cheeses, and the freshest valley produce. And chocolate. Because chocolate.  

Find your higher ground.

Indulge in the peace and awe of this incredible natural paradise. Contact us to book your Okanagan heli-yoga tour, and find a new way to say, “Namaste”.