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Enjoy an Active Okanagan Father’s Day

Give Dad the most moving Father’s Day, yet. What does your dad crave this June? A little bit of adventure, naturally! The beautiful... read more

Most Memorable Mother’s Day Gift

Do you know who loves you to the moon and back*? Mom. This is a fact. So why not give her the moon? Or, at least, give her the sky. Her... read more

What to Pack in your Okanagan Heli Picnic Basket

Posh and Panoramic Picnic in Style on a Valhalla Helicopter Tour The Okanagan’s beautiful, sunny spring days are finally back. Tim... read more

The Best Okanagan Spring Break, Ever

Spring break is finally here in the Okanagan! It’s been a long winter, and you and the kids were so ready for the holiday. Last wee... read more

Fascinated by Flight: Ancestry of Flying Machines

Sometimes, our pilots are accused of being big kids with their cool toys. Well, yeah! Who wouldn’t be as excited as a child aro... read more

New Year in New South Wales – Valhalla Helicopters in Australia

Where do Valhalla pilots work when the temperatures drop? Well, some of us fly south for the winter. We may be in th... read more

Okanagan from on High: Countdown to the New Year

WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEAR’S EVE? It only lasts for one tick-tock of the clock, but that moment that one year turns into anoth... read more

Happy Heli-Days! Valhalla’s Christmas Gift

Holiday season has landed! If your home is anything like ours this time of year, you’ve been putting a lot of extra work gett... read more

Helicopters Don’t Hibernate in Winter

Escape Heli-scape Winter, Up in the Sky Ski season has started, your snow tires are on, and the kids are desperately ho... read more

A Great Heli-Logging Season

There’s snow on the hilltops, which means here at Valhalla, we’re wrapping up another successful heli-logging season! High up in th... read more