FAQ’s – Helicopter Flights

Whether it’s your first time on a scenic Okanagan helicopter tour, or you’ve been up sightseeing before, you’re bound to have a few questions to prepare for your flight. We’ve compiled a list of some of our most commonly asked questions and answers to help you before you embark on your tour.

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How high do the helicopters fly?

Up to 3,000 feet.

Do you tip your helicopter pilot?

Tips are not necessary but are appreciated by your crew. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

Are helicopter tours safe?

We’ve been operating our tours since 2003 without a single safety incident. We inspect our aircraft frequently and maintain safety standards laid out by Transport Canada.

Can kids come on the tours?

All kids are welcome to ride the helicopter.

What should I wear?

Whatever you like! Just be sure you have proper footwear and be prepared for the elements. (Keep in mind that while it might be warm in Kelowna, it’s cooler at higher elevations, especially for doors-off tours.)

Is it cold up there?

The tours aren’t overly cold unless you’re doing a doors-off tour, in this case we recommend bringing a sweater or light jacket.

Should I take Gravol or motion sickness medication?

There’s no need for medication unless you’re prone to motion sickness.

Can I wear my wedding dress in the helicopter?

Yes absolutely!!! You might want to bring some comfortable footwear.

Can I bring champagne on the flight for after the proposal?

Yes, we allow you to bring a bottle of champagne. We recommend bringing plastic flutes or well-wrapped glasses. Please ensure to leave our beautiful picnic areas just as you found them.

Can you take our picture after the proposal?

We’re happy to snap candids for you, but we recommend bringing a photographer if you are looking for professional quality photos.

Can we eat at any of the wineries?

Some wineries have picnic areas and some have restaurants. Give us a call when you book your tour and we can recommend lunch options based on your winery preferences.

Will flying hurt the quality of my wine?

No. The short amount of time and low altitude of the flight won’t cause any harm to your wine.

How will I get my wine home?

We can store any purchased wine in a box in the helicopter for you to take with you at the end of the tour. The winery can arrange shipment of larger quantities of wine.

Are wine tasting fees included?

Wine tasting fees are generally paid at each winery. Most wineries waive the tasting fee with purchase of a bottle of wine.

Can I choose which wineries to visit?

We have a list of Okanagan wineries you can choose from, limited by geographical proximity and landing area availability. Our list of wineries is on our website.

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